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Daily Schedule


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The Righteous Rainbows



In our younger classes the children are introduced to the alphabet, counting, colors and shapes.  They experience a variety of activities including: multi-media art, sensory exploration, fine motor manipulatives, math and counting tools, storybook materials, and music.  Most importantly, the children are offered social opportunities to make friends, share space, and engage in cooperative play.

In our pre-kindergarten class we use a hands-on curriculum called

Handwriting Without Tears 

(  This is a unique multi-sensory approach to meet the needs of a preschool child to be able to see and touch their environment.  The Handwriting Without Tears curriculum uses singing, music, coloring, building with "big and little lines" to help the children learn.  Many of the public and private kindergarten classes use this program, so using it in our classes gives your child a jump start!  In addition to this curriculum, everyday there is time for exploration with paint, water, sand, mud, and many other exciting things in our environment inside and out.



All of our classes are child- centered.  Here is sample of   our daily schedule:

  • Daily Chapel for all classes-Bible Stories, Prayers, Songs

  • Hands-on learning experiences

  • Free choice activities 

  • Language/Social skills

  • Math/Science skills

  • Music

  • Dramatic Play Area

  • Cooking

  • Outdoor activities